A co-op of chicks (and a few roosters) doing what we love!

Anyone looking for unique finds will love our shop as much as we do.

Throughout you’ll find a variety of vintage clothing, hats, gloves, jewelry, and accessories along with beautiful 925 Sterling Silver jewelry.

The right find can add a special style to any space. We are always looking for antiques, vintage items, repurposed goods, vintage inspired pieces, as well as unique seasonal and holiday items.

Passion for Pickin’

Vintage finds from our coop to yours.

We love to go pickin’ year-round to find old tools, hardware, architectural pieces, books, advertising, beer collectables, sports memorabilia and one of a kind finds for your man cave or to give your office space some personality.

Or passion ensures that every time you stop in our store there will be something new – so plan on stopping back often to see what’s been added.

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woman searchingHave you been searching for a certain item only to come up empty handed?

Let us know what you’ve been looking for and we’ll keep our eyes peeled when we’re out on our regular missions for unique finds.



an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.

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